About Us

Bianca Potenta

Naturopath, Director of The Health & Wellbeing Studio and Co-founder of Natural Business Tools

Bianca has been involved in the Natural Health Industry for over 9 years. Bianca is a practicing Naturopath and the founder of The Health & Wellbeing Studio, a multidisciplinary health clinic, located in Camberwell VIC. She has been on the board of hearts4heart, a not-for-profit organisation for 2 years and has lectured at Endeavour College of Natural Health. She has been a guest speaker at numerous training institutes and most recently was interviewed by Foxtel about her success in the Natural Health Industry. Yet her biggest achievement is being successfully self-employed in the Natural Health Industry.

Bianca has always enjoyed the freedom, creativity and responsibility of working for herself and from a young adult was self-employed, working in various industries and developing her knowledge of small business.

In 2013, Bianca launched The Health & Wellbeing Studio as a solo practitioner and in 3 years she built clinic into a multidisciplinary Natural Health Clinic. Today The Health & Wellbeing Studio has a team of 14 practitioners, all focused on providing a collaborative and integrative health care model for their patients. Bianca’s role as clinic director involves creating an environment where both patients and practitioners can thrive. She also practices Naturopathy specialising in Weight loss and Cardiovascular Health, working predominantly with middle aged men and women and has recently entered the corporate health space as a presenter and working with ABODY to develop tailored corporate health programs.

Over the years Bianca has seen many business owners, including health practitioners resort to career changes due to the difficulties of self-employment. Her passion to help practitioners be successful in practice evolved from the lessons she has learnt along the way. She believes in sharing her experience and helping to provide practitioners with the business tools they need for growth.

Bianca’s vision is to help raise the professional standard of the natural health profession by assisting and supporting practitioners in the quest to help more people attain better health. Her passion to help practitioners build successful and professional clinics led her to team up with Judie Curtin. Together they launched Natural Business Tools in 2015 to provide practitioners with the tools they need to deliver exceptional education experiences for their patients.

Bianca welcomes you to view her webinars and join mentoring programs where she will share with you her successes, learning curves and most importantly the step by step process you need to take to transition from student to a successful self-employed healthcare practitioner.

For more information about Bianca visit her clinic website www.hwstudio.com.au or www.naturalbusinesstools.com

Anne Howard – Practicing Naturopath and Lecturer

BHSc(Nat), Adv Dip (Nut Med), Adv Dip (Herb Med)

Anne Howard is a practicing Naturopath and lecturer at Endeavour College of Natural Health and Southern School of Natural Therapies. Anne has over 12 years’ experience in clinical naturopathy specialising in women’s health and focusing on natural fertility and IVF support. Anne is currently completing a Masters of Reproductive Medicine at the University of New South Wales and works at Monash Hospital Melbourne working alongside specialists as part of their integrative medical team.

Anne is passionate about educating practitioners. Anne’s goal is to support practitioners in their clinic practice, helping them develop effective tailored treatment plans for their patients.