Supporting Students to Transition into Successful Natural Healthcare Practitioners
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Providing practitioners with clinical and business support.
Reducing stress and increasing success, so you can spend more time doing what you love.
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Learn more about Bianca and her journey to becoming a multidisciplinary clinic owner
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How can we help you?

We will help you build your business, streamline the running of your clinic and provide a high-level experience for your patients.

It takes years for practitioners to build their clinic foundations, often leaving them feeling overwhelmed and burnt out. Our passion it to help practitioners be successful in practice sooner, by sharing our collective business experience and clinical knowledge.

We believe that practitioners shouldn’t be in competition with one another. Sharing knowledge and providing practitioners with the tools to be successful will strengthen our profession, encouraging more people to seek our advice and will increase business growth for everyone.

We have created mentoring programs and webinars to provide practitioners with the business knowledge and clinical outcomes they need for growth, so that they can spend more time doing what they love.

Our vision is to help raise the professional standard of the natural health profession by assisting and supporting practitioners in their quest to help people attain better health.

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Access webinars designed to help you create a successful clinic

Online Mentoring

Group and one-on-one clinic and business mentoring

Who can benefit?

From new graduates starting out or practitioners who are currently in practice. Our team of experienced mentors can assist practitioners who would like extra clinical and business support.


  • Thank you so much for all your help and support over the mentoring program, I have gained so much from this and I’m so excited to move on with my next steps.

    Vicky Hatton
    Naturopath - Vicky Hatton Naturopathy
  • I’ve been working with Bianca for almost 2 years and in that time my business has doubled, I’ve set up a successful online program which has boosted my income and increased my accessibility to help others. The naturopathic support has also been re-assuring, having someone else to bounce the case of and making sure I’m on the right track with each client. Each session brings clarity, structure and achievable goals. I would definitely recommend working with Bianca!

    Sarah Kalendariev
    Naturopath - Natural Alignment Therapies
  • I have just finished listening to your webinar recordings and just would like to thank you so much for giving us new practitioners the opportunity to have guidance and advice through your webinars and experience! I think your work is fantastic, genuine, and inspiring!

    Mar 2017

    Bruna Nacarato
  • Thank you for the mentoring program – and offering it at an affordable price, which is especially helpful when starting out. The greatest benefit to me was feeling supported during a time when I was feeling very unsure and out-there on my own. I really liked our group, the other girls also made me feel supported, and it was inspiring to hear what they were achieving. I always left the sessions feeling uplifted and reminded that I do really love naturopathy.

    Aug 2017

    Jennifer Bingham

Our passion for mentoring:

Bianca Potenta

Naturopath & Clinic Founder
BHSc(Nat), Cert IV (Mas), ATMS Reg 26401

Over the years I have seen many natural health practitioners resort to career changes due to the difficulties of self-employment. We spent years in our courses learning how to treat patients, but often graduate and set out to practice feeling we needed to have done a double degree in health and business.

My passion to help practitioners be successful in practice evolved from the lessons I learnt along the way. I believe in sharing my experiences and helping to provide practitioners with the business tools and nous they need for growth. This lead me to team up with experienced, highly regarded and passionate practitioners who also have a vision to help practitioners build successful and professional clinics.

– Bianca Potenta

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An online platform providing health practitioners with customised and personalised patient educational material and business system templates to support you in the everyday running of your clinic.

Here is where I share stories, challenges, triumphs, thoughts and feelings about building a practice. Provide free downloads and share newly discovered clinic and business resources. 

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